Hermione Wilds: Rubbed out Artist

I wrote this for an artistic children’s television presenter called Mark who died several years ago.   The light you clipped – Cut. The hue you rubbed – out. The light you Marked – drawn. The thumb you pressed- loose. The face you crafted – shattered. The eye you cast – crushed. The wire youContinue reading “Hermione Wilds: Rubbed out Artist”

Short On Free Speech

Commenting on the article this morning in The Sunday Times, Students back Gag on Free Speech Sian Griffiths, (@siangriffiths6)The Sunday Times May 22nd, This trend is worrying. Were people with radical views, like Germaine Greer, gagged, we would have fewer arguments to argue against. One thing I learnt as an undergraduate was that the bestContinue reading “Short On Free Speech”

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