Price – The Food Programme – My diabetes avoidance blog

Price was the most important thing cited by almost all shoppers in Bristol when asked on The Food Programme by Sheila Dillon what most affected choice when food shopping. I’m glad I am not alone in buying cheap food, as I’ve felt guilty neglecting my health. Something strange that happened as a result of thisContinue reading “Price – The Food Programme – My diabetes avoidance blog”

My diabetes avoidance blog – continued

Yesterday I ate salmon and greens for dinner. I had eaten an afternoon snack of brown rice with sugar-free jam. I admit to finishing off the “birthday” white chocolate. I rang my G P who is arranging more tests as he doesn’t like my persistently low iron levels. I’m still waiting to hear back onContinue reading “My diabetes avoidance blog – continued”

My Diabetes Avoidance Blog – day 12

Well it’s 12 days since I began this blog. Yesterday I decided to eat some of my birthday chocolate early. I’m allowed chocolate every 7 days, and I was beginning to worry that it would taste overly sweet and I wouldn’t want it at all by today. I ate 3 squares. I was stunned byContinue reading “My Diabetes Avoidance Blog – day 12”

My diabetes avoidance blog – Wednesday – oatmeal

I read recently that oatmeal is good for the heart. I probably knew this once, and then other priorities kicked in; survival being one, and I made myself forget. I used to eat oatmeal biscuits. They are 95% oatmeal which means there isn’t much room for anything else. It gets tiring reading long lists ofContinue reading “My diabetes avoidance blog – Wednesday – oatmeal”

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