My diabetes blog – day 7

Hello dear reader,

I had a good night’s sleep, and didn’t wake up to drink water. One of the worst symptoms I was having when l went to see my GP was a terrible thirst which woke me in the night, hourly. This went on for ten days even though l was drinking 2 pints of water a night because my throat was so dry.

I can report, my bowel was back to normal this morning at 6 am, and My stomach was back to its flat self.

I drank the usual 3 cups of water with my latte, and then edited the first 3 chapters of my children’s novel, Popcorn. I’ve been writing this novel for 30 years, and so it has altered quite considerably and new characters have appeared through the years. I decide for this submission to I will put three of the four beginnings at the start of my novel, and have the four experiences running side by side because they would be happening at the same time to the characters. I am good at juggling ideas in my head; I’d say it was a forte; still it is complicated getting it right. I have to discard the fourth beginning even though it is my favourite because of the restriction to first 3 chapters only, in the submission guidelines.

After writing for two hours, I buy a box of satsumas, two avocados and an orange. It feels good to allow myself this luxury.

I eat almost the whole box at work. I am thirsty even though I’m only dealing with card stock today which isn’t strenuous.

I decide at 12.45, because I’m hungry, to indulge my chocolate brownie craving and have an extra latte in Costa. I’m feeling down, really missing my children; it’s been a couple of weeks since l saw any of them. This doesn’t sound like long and we have chatted on the phone but l spent every single day of 20 years with all of them at home or at least 2 or 3 when the eldest left for university at 18, and then 15 days a month with the  youngest, for a further 6 years with shared care; so I feel the loss; I’ll go for a ride later.

I indulge my sweet craving, and buy the brownie. I  sit in Costa to write this. I feel terrible. I’m sure if l could take a  pin prick of blood and see the good my 6 days of abstinence has done my glucose levels, I’d feel better and, maybe even, resist. I remember my partner told me to make small changes and that makes me feel better about the extra latte and the brownie. It’s ok, it’s been 7 days.

It’s a lovely day. A good day for a ride.

I cycled over 4 000 k last year. I felt good for it, and was averaging 100 k a week plus. This year, l decided to aim for 50k and be satisfied with 20k. I’m looking forward to a 30 k ride this afternoon, and I’m hoping my app will open via google this time as it is very motivating.

I’ll have to return home now as one of my daughters has asked me to wait in  just in case she calls.

I’m looking forward to my avocado and the orange.

Wishing you good things,

Bye for now,



Published by hermionelaake - Awards-nominated writer and associate editor O:JA&L

Whilst working on long fiction, Laake/Wilds write short stories, poetry, essays and blogs weekly. Laake appeared on Blog Talk Radio in 2016 in an interview across continents with Susan Wingate. Laake is an awards nominee, Jointly-published and Indie writer. Nominated for the Avon and Authonomy First Lines prize, 2014 and the H. G. Wells Grand Prize for Fiction, 2013 for the original #MYFRIENDALIEN out on AMAZON BOOKS in 2022. Flash fiction is published with Open: Journal of Arts and Letters. Laake has an MA from KU with distinction and a BA in English Literature.

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