My diabetes avoidance blog – day 8


Well it is day 8 of my low sugar diabetes prevention diet.

It’s the holiday season. It’s also my birthday on Monday so I’m a little concerned I’ll have to eat socially and won’t be able to eat what l like.

Yesterday evening I ate a take out Chinese which my partner bought. I didn’t look at the ingredients. I didn’t sleep well, and I was thirsty.

I also are lots of berries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes.

This morning I skip breakfast. I don’t feel like bread. Several months ago, last summer in fact, I started to cut out bread, pasta, potatoes and pizza almost completely from my diet because my stomach would swell up every time I ate them.

I drink 3 bottles of water. It is unseasonably warm and we are walking. We play beach ball; we’re quite good at this, and today we’re as good as we were last year; we manage two good scores, a record 100 and 118 hits non stop. People usually stop to watch us and today is no different. 

for lunch we have a salad, lettuce, feta cheese and o!ives, followed by crisps; I don’t eat many crisps as they have sugar in them.

In Bournemouth we have a latte. I have stopped adding a small packet (probably a teaspoon of sugar), to my latte, which I used to do 50% of the time.

On the way home I buy two cauliflowers and a small tub of fresh pineapple. I wanted some yogurt drink, but it is 7% sugar so I don’t buy it.

My youngest daughter is staying with us for a few days. When we arrive home after a lovely walk from Sandbanks to Bournemouth, along the beach, which I manage to record on my Strava app, she gives me my present which she has bought herself with her paper round money. I tell her she is my best present. We look at the chocolate together; it is bounty, crunchie, maltesers, and milky bar. We are both shocked to learn that the milky bars are over 50% sugar. She is disappointed that I cannot eat them, but I tell her I am allowed one on day 7, so my next day 7 will be Thursday. I’ll eat one then. At this point I am sincerely wondering whether I will eat them at all. They have lost their appeal. But I don’t tell her this.

My daughter and I cook the cauliflower with cheese. That is all I eat for dinner tonight.

I’ll have apple pie and cream with the rest of the strawberries. My first pudding in 8 days.

Enjoy your break. Stay inspired.

Bye for now,



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