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I’m not actually dieting. At least I didn’t think I was until my son asked me my BMI and my weight. I rarely weigh myself. I’m almost ten stone; don’t ask me what that is in kilos. I’d learnt all my maths at 7, and was a keen cook. I used to make melted moment and ginger biscuits. Mum cooked everything home cooked, even bread, so I took after her. I think the decimal change was in the 1970s; I thought it was 1977, but online it says 1971; still people are slow at making changes, and I still remember that in the 1980s we were reluctant to think of buying apples in kilos; we just carried on regardless thinking in pounds and ounces and buying from the green grocer as we called them then; 4 small apples was about a pound of fruit; it came naturally to think !like that; I used to help mum with cooking and shopping so I remember this clearly. We were a family of 7 in 1977.

Still 10 stone seems heavy. It’s more like 9.5, but the scales is set to a few pounds extra. Recently I watched a health programme where the celebrity contestants ate junk food for a few weeks, pizza and chips, burgars, etc; one of them became at high risk from diabetes; I remember that she was the one whose partner said she ate a lot of chocolate. I’ve never really eaten take-aways out, but someone got me into the habit of going to a KFC once a week and eating salty chicken there for a year. I became unwell once which caused me to stop eating the chicken. I’ve no proof it was that, it could have been the bottle of cod liver oil I kept in the cupboard past its sell by date. Anyway, I decided to just eat the chips. It’s easy, though, to get into an unhealthy habit even when you don’t really enjoy the food, as the contestants found out. I thought the people who exercised the most, like I do were the worst; bragging about how they looked good for their age and how fit they were and imagining they were healthy because they looked it on the outside. One of them put on a lot of weight on the junk diet, and was told it was on a his organs. This made me feel sick. One by one like flies the contestants dropped out of the project, even though, or perhaps, because, they were being looked after by a Harley Street physician.

I’ve been good. It’s week 3 and I admit to eating a crunchie, feeling guilty and ended up buying some oat biscuits in order to bounce back; I didn’t look at the ingredients; it was a panic buy before work. I ate the whole packet in a day and not much else. I’m not proud of this. I’m just being honest, which I was once told by a colleague was my greatest flaw. still, I’m convinced that this ability makes us good writers so I’m going to continue being honest. When I finally looked at the ingredients, even though they didn’t taste sugary, I discovered the sugar content was 36g per 100g, so quite high.

Today though, yesterday infact, it’s 4 am…, I ate well; water cress, slices of beef, greens, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cream, and a small tub of tangerines in juice; my favourite. I always drink lots of water, and herb tea at work. Then for the evening meal, jacket potato with cheese and leaves from our herb garden; mint, sage and chives.

As a result of my fabulous eating, I’m convinced I had high energy. I cycled 28 k at a good speed; I felt back to my old energy before I fell off my bike in February. I’m sure I’m slowly mending.

Happy eating,



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