My diabetes avoidance blog – Tuesday May 7th – Bananas

I forgot to mention, I did some research, and found out that bananas have a high sugar content. I avoided these for 3 weeks as I’d been snacking on them at work. It’s easier to swallow a mouthful of banana than most other things when you’re interrupted at work. I’ve always eaten little and often, in spite of conflicting advice about this from various health professionals. I still haven’t researched the sugar content in apples; I’m wondering whether it’s wise to compare fruit sugar with other sugars directly; although I did read that fruit sugar digests slower than other sugars which makes it better for you. I’ve always know it’s the same with carbohydrates.

Yesterday, as it was an extra holiday, I ate another one of those birthday chocolates I’ve been slowly getting through. I’ve done well as in all honesty I would have binge ate the lot by now were I not in this diet.

Being as slim as I was at 16, I pretend to myself this is the same as being healthy.

I haven’t bought the chick peas a kind blogger recommend yet, as I’m completely off cooking. To be honest, I think the two are linked; I mean poor diet and apathy about cooking. I think I’ll go and check out that blog; what was it called? Swings?

When your children leave the nest you are apt to stop cooking. It seems self indulgent to cook for one. I bought some ground almonds to take round to my daughter’s student pad Friday, as we’ve planned a night in cooking. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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