Micro flash – article – My Accent, and yours?

They speak like me, those people who call themselves elite and believe THEY are the saviour of the world. They share my accent. I do not share their views. Their extremism is aimed at crushing other extremes. They have seen extreme violence, and THEY meet it with a quiet violence of their own. They speakContinue reading “Micro flash – article – My Accent, and yours?”

Biopsy – 13th May – continued – Happy Ending.

Call me niave but I had a biopsy on Monday, and I’m not sure what they took a piece of. I mean it felt like they took a piece of my ovary. I had a pain there, recurring, on and off, but when they said they would investigate I didn’t realise they meant take anContinue reading “Biopsy – 13th May – continued – Happy Ending.”


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