My diabetes avoidance diet.

Dear readers,

Thank you all for taking the time to like my blog, it keeps me motivated to continue.

I took a break from writing my blog for a week to focus on a crossover novel I’ve been working on and ended up not writing much of it at all because my son injured himself when cycling competitively so I spent a whole day with him which is a rare luxury now. He’s thirty, and will be married in two weeks, and then I had to compromise and work all day Friday; usually my day off. So no time to write for 3 days for the first time in 9 months. As I’m a writer, I don’t usually think about taking time off from writing. Yes it is work, especially leaving it and reading for errors, Still I guess I’m entitled to time out from the things that I love.

This is a blog about diet and life intervenes in diet so it is fitting to occasionally wander off the path a little.

I’ve been taking my salad to work this week and eating it. I resisted all forms of chocolate until Thursday when I made an impromptu visit to my son and ended up stuck for something to eat because the #Costa on campus @KealeUniversity didn’t sell toast; which I found very unhealthy. I bought some nuts instead and ate a square of the Divine high cocoa chocolate I had with me. It has 14g of sugar in the whole 80g bar. Not bad. It also contains 9 grams of protein. My son reminded me that chocolate has protein in it. I had forgotten.

I’ve cycled around 150k this month and played tennis for about 8 hours. I also walk 15k a week on average as I go into town to write in my favourite coffee shop every day; and this week I’ve walked an additional 30 k because I was in Bath and enjoy walking around there when visiting. It’s amazing the distance you can cover when shopping or browsing the shops. Also there are some lovely walks around by the canal. I’m telling you this about my fitness routine because my son is concerned that I have reduced my carbs, which is true, and I do look thin.

I don’t feel bad though. I gave up carbs last year because they made me feel ill all of a sudden. My stomach swelled up every time I ate pizza and bread, so I cut them out of my diet completely. I reintroduced bread when my partner introduced me to Jalapeno bread, which for some reason doesn’t make me swell unless I eat several slices.

My main challenge in changing my diet is to eat enough to continue cycling. I noticed I haven’t been doing my daily handstands because my arms feel weak so I have to acknowledge this and pay attention to it.

More blog on Monday.

Eat well, exercise and rest,

All my love,



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