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I was discussing with my daughter this morning, about how reassuring I find routine. I was never happier than when I had five children and my own established routine which revolved entirely around them and my husband’s arrival home, apart from a night class a week, which was my indulgence in my own development, a weekend solo swim when they were a little older, and later on a writers’ conference or two; it is important to nurture ourselves and allow our children to notice  that we are doing this…

Still, we were discussing this because I was on my way to my routine coffee and writing session, which usually takes place every morning when Coffee 1 opens at 7.30 am and ends when I open the shop where I am a key holder, at 10 am.

I was sharing with my daughter about how good for my mental health I found it when I reestablished this writing routine a few years ago, as it gets me out of the house ( I am an early riser), and rising at 5 or 6 am means you usually finish the washing and watering the garden by 7….

I’m supposed to be writing about diabetes, and I am because routine meals are a good thing, and are recommended for those with issues with diet. My partner keeps reminding me not to snack between meals and partly he is right. Although, until now, I have avoided addressing this problem.

There are reasons why I snack between meals. The biggest is that for the past 9 years I have been working for employers that allow a maximum of half an hour lunch break. I digest my food slowly and this is a problem for me, and means I have developed a habit of eating less to mitigate all the problems with digestion I get when I try to eat a hearty lunch in 20 mins or half an hour….

I haven’t ever thought about this deeply until now, as I write it out.

when I began work full time in 1982, I always received an hour lunch break, and often a 20-minute break ( I re-typed 20 4 times, and the algorithm changed it to 29!), at 10 or 10.30, in addition to this; as a manager at a young age, I would sometimes forgo or shorten the tea break to better manage the business, however, I rarely skipped lunch. Perhaps I instinctively knew this would be detrimental to my performance at work.

Another problem for people like me who have developed eating problems due to poverty, is that we often forget to eat, which is why regular mealtimes may help us.

I’ve been on holiday in Spain where there were lovely cake and snack shops, which men usually, but not universally, gravitate to; I prefer salad. Perhaps, I need to shout louder, because even though men are better paid than women on average they still want to manage their money to such an extent that they’d buy a pie over a 8 euro salad any day. I would have loved a salad with beef or lamb. On one occasion I did insist and I ate lamb’s lettuce, feta and a lovely pear salad. Ensalada is the Spanish word for salad. I know this because I worked in a Mexican restaurant at 16 for a year….

It’s good to be back in England and back to my routine. I’m enjoying writing this blog, which I began as an exercise in self-awareness.

I’ve returned from holiday a wiser person, more in love than ever, and more self aware.

I read two books on holiday:

Bohm’s On Dialogue

George Best’s Blessed

Both are essentially about life and interconnectedness.

Reach out and make the world a little younger….

All my love,








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