Infection – a Warning to Gardeners.

Wow. I had this and my mum saved my life! I was on holiday with this in my leg, exactly the same as Karen described it, travelling up my leg in a straight line, like in the photograph. It was Sunday and I was about to board a plane. She told me to put it in hot water. I asked the barman for some hot water and a bowl. He didn’t argue. I put my foot in hot water with a blister. It was agony. But the infection stopped. The red line started to recede. It was in my leg.
After reading all the comments to Karen’s blog, the author of the post, I thought I would add that I went on an impromptu walk without socks, for 7 hours and got a blister, and then went swimming a day later with an open wound, a popped blister, which is unwise, against my better judgement, simply because it was the last day of the holiday.

Thank you MUM.

Also, out of respect to my son who has, so far, spent 12 years studying and is at the second stage of a medical degree, ALWAYS SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.

Bramble Garden

I’ve been quiet for a few days. Here’s why.

Four days ago, I was sweeping out the potting shed when I got a tiny splinter in the palm of my hand. It looked like nothing serious. A tiny dot of blood. I inspected the wooden broom handle and could see a rough patch. I hadn’t noticed it before. I nearly always wear gloves. But this time I was in a hurry, and didn’t put them on. I finished sweeping up before popping back to the house to run my hand under cold water. I fished out the splinter with tweezers, popped on a plaster and carried on gardening. And I never thought any more about it.

There’s always plenty to do here. Flowers to pick, weeds to pull out. But I started to feel ill. Not quite my usual chirpy self. I couldn’t think straight. I went on the radio…

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3 thoughts on “Infection – a Warning to Gardeners.

  1. Glad you mum knew what to do – scary stuff and important to know about it!

  2. I had an infection on holiday. I was about to board a plane home. I rang my mum. Who wouldn’t. My mum saved my life. She told me to put my foot in hot water. I asked the bar man for a bowl of hot water. He didn’t argue, thank god ( there are many versions of perhaps one God, so I put it in lowercase), and I put my foot and blister in the hot, almost boiling, water, and the red line began to recede and the bad feeling started to go away.

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