On Diabetes – Fruit Juice? Should we give it up? – update.

I’m updating as I added a link and something about an app.


There are, I admit, a few things I don’t understand. For many years I’ve been singing the mantra that I don’t believe in science because it changes its mind every two years. My son corrects me and has explained that what is really happening is that science writers are miss-reporting science. For example, not very long ago there was a ludicrous headline in the paper that suggested it was fine to drink multiple cups of coffee every day. (Perk up, that 25th Cup of Coffee won’t harm your heart, Jonathan Page, 12.01. am. The Times June 3rd 2019), bit.ly/2LNgTxu

I sent my son a jokey whattsap message about the headline, as my children have told me several times to give up my coffee a day, and this seemed to exonerate me. He was not amused. He is right. The Times should know better. It was lazy reporting, designed to please…

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