My Diabetes Avoidance Blog – update – chocolate, coffee and ice-cream….

Dear readers,

Thank you for your patience, and apologies for not writing; I have been in the throes of beginning a new Sunday role as a deputy manager for a charity; I enjoy this role as my Myers Briggs noted that I am someone who likes to help others and is good at this, and I see management as a chance to serve others.

Anyway, I want to tell you that I have managed to stay away from chocolate completely; at first I was looking for alternatives and eating the occasional Fair Trade chocolate; expensive but delectable. Why not give up altogether? The weather was very hot and any chocolate would have melted. Still watch this space if you are interested in my will power, as I usually love chocolate in the winter time.

They say that one addiction is replaced by another when we have not got to the real cause of the addiction. Speaking of addictions, I was chatting to my mother about this, and she was telling me that my warm cup of coffee a day is like a hug. I suppose that is true; there is an element of truth in it. Have you heard the research about handing the interviewer a warm cup of beverage and how it changes your perception of the person in front of you? It is interesting. Still, I used to drink hot chocolate a great deal; in fact it was a treat that I used to indulge my children with, hot chocolate with swirly whirly cream on the top; those where the days; I didn’t buy them fizzy sugary drinks very often, only on birthdays and anniversaries, so that was their treat. Still, it was too expensive to continue with after my divorce, so I ditched the habit. The coffee habit got me out of the house and with the lovely noises of voices all around me, so it was solving two problems, or three, the lonely factor, the warmth in the winter and the full feeling in the tummy, oh yes, and the treat. Who doesn’t need some form of indulgence once in a while; I don’t drink or smoke. Well, sometimes I allow myself the odd glass of wine once or twice a year, but it is hardly a habit. Still, I must admit that I have discovered these lovely papaya lollies in Co-op and they are only 68 grams each, and have 25 grams of sugar per 100 grams, so that is so much better than any chocolate I have yet to taste.

I have not heard back from the prevention program organisers. They wrote to me, as you know and I asked them whether stress was a cause of high blood sugar levels; because I had read that it was.

I must get back to my GP. Mammogram is on Friday at the local hospital.

One step at a time.

Eat well.

Stay healthy,

All my love,


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