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Hello dear readers,

Well, I’ve been away from this blog for a while and I’ve been reasonably good. I wish I could check my levels of glucose in my blood, but I’ve been focusing on my career and writing my other projects, supporting other writers and bloggers and networking digitally.

I have to report that I was very thirsty on Sunday night. This was the first big thirst since I went to my GP several months ago with these symptoms of extreme thirst and constipation.

I was a little thirsty at work on 2 occasions on the Sunday, and found myself too busy to drink. I’m not happy about this or condoning it. I’m just paying attention to it. I suppose I drank only a litre of water during the day, and two cups in the morning and at night before bed.

I had my breast checkup (mammogram), on the Friday and will hear about this in 3 weeks.

There has been no further communication from the support programme.

My son rang me because two weeks ago he asked me to speak to my GP about having another blood test, and I promised to do this. I haven’t, yet.

This evening I went for my third 5 k walk of the day. Usually on my day off I cycle around 20 k. I’ve been feeling under the weather, so I decided to have a day off from the cycling. I’ve cut down on my cycling recently. One because my mum told me I am too thin and two because I don’t want my son to feel he has to keep up with me and do triple the lengths of my weekly cycling kilometers because he is almost half my age, and perhaps feels he should. He’s very competitive and a bit of a star.

Unfortunately for him, I’m also a keen cyclist and have achieved a few accolades such as QOM (Queen of the Mountain) and 2nd Best Worldwide; I’m sure this is hard to take. I’m an old woman. How is this possible? Well my secret is that at school I used to be quite good at long jump and was told I might go to Crystal Palace. My mother wasn’t in any position to do anything about this, so my brief romance with sports fizzled out quickly. In my later years I’ve rediscovered the joy of cycling, and before I fell off my bike in February, I was cycling 100 k a week on average.

This evening I felt like something sweet and was very good and bought 🍦 and made some lovely stewed 🍎 to eat with it with the early fruit from some trees that were hanging into the road. I only added 3 teaspoons of sugar.

Eat well and exercise every day.

With love,


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