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Dear readers, cari lettori, chers lecteurs, lieber Leser,


I have several readers from around the globe, so welcome, bienvenido,…

I have had a major sugar relapse and eaten two zillionaires’s chocolate mouses.

I am not proud of this, but I promised to be honest.


Mostly though, I have eaten lots and lots of strawberries and some low sugar ice-cream. I have such a sweet tooth. Sigh.

My partner saw that I had eaten both of the zillionaire’s chocolate mousses and gave me a serious telling off; I told him that he only wanted to eat it himself, which was true, but he does care because he told me I would have to have my foot cut off if I continued.

I have also been quite good and have invented my own sugarless drink; simply pluck a handful of blackberries off a bush (they are very sumptuous this year as the weather has been perfect for them (lots of early sunshine and then lashings of rain), and put in a bottle, then fill with water and place in the fridge. Leave for three days. You will then have a lovely cordial. I watered mine down and it still tasted good. I have not drunk juice for weeks; I really feel that the small changes that I am making to my diet will have helped to begin to stabilise my blood sugar.

I will have to upload the photograph later, as it has failed today.

I am sorry to tell you that I have not had the courage to return to my GP yet.

I promise to update you when I do.

Recently I heard a news report that a cohort is to be given wrist bands to help them to avoid diabetes. I am not sure that I will be one of these. As some of you who follow my twitter account already know, I cycle between 50 and 100 kilometers a week, so the exercise is not a problem for me. I have always exercised, whether that be dance, swimming or cycling, still, I would like to wear the band to help inform any research that may be taking place as a result of the pilot. I will email the diabetes prevention team again. As you know they contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me they wished to speak to me about taking part in a digital trial, and they asked for my feedback on the app they were developing.

I have completely cut the sugar out of my coffee, and I still have not eaten a chocolate bar, since the binge following my birthday in April.

I am feeling very proud of myself.

私は自分自身を誇りに思います, je suis fiere de moi, ich bin soltz auf mich, sonno fiero di me stesso

Thank you for reading. Mille grazie, Gracias, Danke vielmals, Merci Beaucoup, ありがとうございました

With love,

Stay healthy,



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