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Hello dear readers and followers,

Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey. I’m quite enjoying it. Writing is like chatting to someone you know well, it helps you to organise your thoughts doesn’t it?

Please be patient while I get used to the graphics and widgets on my site; I learnt yesterday that different designs on WordPress have different capabilities; so the aesthetics influence the utilitarian here. I am not sure why this is, but I enjoy the beauty of my Saul Bass design so I’ve decided to stick with it for now.

If you are listening,WordPress, it would be nice to have a short 59 second video facility on here, as this would go with the filmic design and would compliment your preview of the design, which contains the credits for a film, something like that, anyway. You call it Vertigo, after the Hitchcock film with the same name.

Sometimes I feel like singing a song, I make one up on the spot, when I feel sad, usually, perhaps because music was the sound track to my life, and still is, and yesterday evening, I was listening to a programme on radio 4 about an artist whose cat died. She had written a song for it and she sang it to the interviewer. It was simply beautiful. French is such a romantic language isn’t it?

I might find the link and put it here for you.

Why not follow me, if you are reading my work, and enjoy its quirkiness. It is free, gratis, frei, libre, nada,…

I thought I would refresh my language skills now I have more time, as most of my children have flown the nest.

All my love, liebe, amour, amare, Amore,


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