My diabetes Avoidance Blog – Sugar, Sugar; plastic, plastic, and money, money, money?

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been noticing recently how making small changes as individuals can have a big impact on the world.

I’ve been very vocal, lately, about plastic in my local town. Since going into businesses and asking for plastic free products, I’ve observed more and more people doing the same. Now this could be because I’m more aware of the subject, like when you see a car everywhere because you are focused on it. But I know this isn’t the case because I have been consciously observing individual customer’s behaviour, and, like me, they have changed.

I decided to do this with sugar recently, not only to change my behaviour, but to be vocal about what I believe is an excessive amount of sugar in some of our sweet products here in Britain. Since doing this, again, I have observed shops changing their behaviour. There is more choice of low sugar alternatives (without sweeteners); I’ve never trusted artificial sweeteners, and only yesterday I noticed two products in my local co-op for sale at half price yesterday. I checked the ingredients and they were exceptionally high in sugar.

I’m sharing this because I’ve recently learned that diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions and I feel that products with ridiculously high sugar should carry a health warning.

The more of us who protest and refuse, the more we can influence the unscrupulous businesses that take our money and damage the health of us, our children and the planet.

Stay healthy, all my love,


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  1. I think you’re absolutely right about sugar – there’s far too much of it in our food and we’re becoming too accustomed to it. Speaking out about it has to be a help in raising awareness everywhere. 🙂

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