Music – Discover Prompts, Blackbird, New World in the Morning #We Didn’t Start the Fire

This is a writing prompt blog,

Thank you to Ben Huberman for suggesting this writing prompt. I’m sat at home listening to classic FM and writing/ editing a 3000 word essay for my MA with Kingston School of Art. This writing prompt is great therapy for me as I’m really missing my 5 children. We are all miles apart and can’t even wave at one other through a window.

Three of my female neighbors are currently chatting in our cul-de-sac whilst maintaining a 2 meter distance, which is nice, I’ve always been an introvert preferring to write out my sorrow than use Freud’s ‘talking cure’; so this writing prompt is a fantastic idea for writers like me and all intoverts.

Coincidentally (do I mean synchronistically?) I felt an overwhelmingly urge to sing McCartney’s Blackbird the other day. In fact I did sing it, my own version, on my own in the bathroom. McCartney sings ‘dead of night’, I sing ‘break of day’ because that is how it is in my head. I’ve recorded it here for you warts and all old lady stuff:

Paul McCartney, Blackbird

Accessed April 3rd 2020

Strangely, a listener rang into a radio show which was being broadcast from my previous home town Shaftesbury, from ‘home’ by Johnny Walker. I can’t remember which day it was. Anyway, I’m sure you can find it. He told her he couldn’t play Blackbird because it was someone else’s territory. I remember thinking what a shame that was, because a great many people must be wanting to hear that song, not just us. You see this spring there have been an overwhelming amount of happy birds outside my window. This seems like the silver lining to the sorrow of this event we are collectively experiencing.

McCartney was never the favourite; people wanted something sexier, more ‘godly’ – Paul was always too sensitive for the world he inhabited. But he was always my favourite Beatle. I used to listen to his rock n’ roll as a teenager, but it was always his ballads I returned to. Maybe your time is now Paul.

Another favourite is Beethoven’s 5 th symphony. My parents used to play me classical music as a baby, and they told me stories of me manically rocking on a rocking horse aged 2 yrs, to Beethoven.

I’m only 53, but I’ve always had an older head on my shoulder. Maybe that’s why my favourite song, and one that keeps returning to me is New World in the Morning.

‘Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout a new world in the morning, new world in the morning takes so long.’ My dad used to have a large vinyl collection, which I might have inherited, but we fell on hard times and he had to sell all his records.

Ben suggested writing a new lyric, here goes.

‘Met a man who had a dream he’d had since he was twenty, met that man when he was eighty one’,

he said nowadays what we have is plenty, and yet our cravings carry on; you’d think we’d learn our lesson and make do and mend, but I’ve only seen it in the young.

Binary ideas tie us to illusions that we’re separated by the sun

But if we’d look around and try a new way of living we’d see we’re freer than we know and more similar than we’d care to show

We’d share and see those who are different and merely thinkers have something in the way of listening that’s creative and creatively cannot be confined to a particular show, oh no

Oh no

It needs to be shared

‘Everybody’s talkin’ bout a new world in the morning, new world in the morning never comes…, new world in the morning takes so long’

Roger Whittaker,

Accessed April 3rd 2020

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