orchestrate – Discover Prompts – Day 8

I was listening to BBC Sounds yesterday, and I caught the end of a podcast on Beethoven. Now Beethoven has long been a favourite composer of mine. Yesterday’s offering enhanced my understanding of why this was and of my own sensitivity. Beethoven was not well loved when I was young; he was criticized and derided, probably because he was popular and popularity is something artists never court. Still my dad used to play Beethoven, and aged 2 I took to the music, even though it wasn’t played the way the Jonathan Bliss played it.

I never knew why Beethoven was so maligned; I’m beginning to think that this was because he was not well understood. You need to be able to feel the music, something that, as an empath, I completely felt when Bliss elucidated.

The pianist explained about how Beethoven wanted a particular piece to be played. I won’t go into the detail here because you should listen to the recording especially if you are emapthic and sensitive. I think you will understand what the pianist means and indeed what Beethoven was attempting with the composition.

Here is the link: Beethoven Unleashed: Jonathan Bliss:


Outside, there is a growing number of women sitting in chairs chatting. Because I am an introvert of a non-binary disposition, I’m not sure I should join them. So here I am writing this, courtesy of Discover Prompts and the BBC.


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