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If you take a look at fairy tales, you’ll find they often come in threes. The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella has two ugly sisters.

I used to call my three siblings The Three Little Ones. I grew up with a love of story.

For a while I had three children, and never imagined I’d have any more, until I met the girl I’d gone to school with who had just given birth. We’d lost touch. I was sure that I was content with three children. The youngest was five. They were all at school. My dad used to say, “you have to replace yourselves.”

And then, all of a sudden, along came five and six. What a blessing children are.

I enjoyed every moment of being a a mum. It has been the best and most enjoyable work of my life. My children are all individuals. I love seeing what they create, drawings, stories, poems, essays, Music, dance, theatre, sport.

They’re 18 to 30 now and I’ve got all memories. I’m so glad I gave up my career to look after them all.

I’m so grateful for my lovely family. They are priceless.

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