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Here’s my playlist:

Hermione Wilds reads….

With thanks to Jeff Streeby for the artwork choices and production manager on the playlist. The voice is my own.

It happened by accident. I mean, that’s how I see it. Of course every moment of my life led up to it:

  1. That day when, walking down the road with Simon Fuller, in Hampton Court, I decided not to ask Simon whether I could audition for the band which, in the end, morphed into The Spice Girls.
  2. My decision to concentrate on the literary side of my sensibility, aged 16 years.
  3. My lack of education.
  4. Educating myself.
  5. My love of the literary since birth; oh yes
  6. My bull-like persistence.
  7. My innability to understand that rejection from one publisher does not mean rejection from all publishers.
  8. My biblical upbringing.
  9. My romance with WordPress, and Twitter.
  10. Just now, my computer screen froze, and so I thought, I’ve been meaning to get to Ben Huberman’s post….

Photography is by Michel Laake. Model is Hermione Laake, circa 1982.

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Currently, whist working on long fiction, I write short stories, poetry, essays and blog weekly. I appeared on Blog Talk Radio, 2016, interview across continents with Susan Wingate. See my twitter account: herziloph, pinned tweet; Award nominee, Jointly-published and Indie writer. Nominated for the Avon and Authonomy First Lines prize, 2014 and the H. G. Wells Grand Prize for Fiction, 2013. My flash fiction is published with Open: Journal of Arts and Letters.

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