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Hello dear readers. Well, I’ve been away for at least 3 months. That is, I’ve not been blogging about diabetes.

Covid-19 took over. I was worried about my mum and a couple of sisters and one daughter who, inspite of representing Dorset for heptathlon on several years running, and being a keen sports person, at one point in the top 100 athletes in GB, still suffers from asthma. In spite of the fact that, unlike her siblings who were born in London, she was born by the sea in Bournemouth hospital, Dorset. These family members are all susceptible to Coronovirus because of underlying health problems. This puts my own selfish cares about my health to the back of my mind. Still, I was a little worried about myself as, as you know, I was told I was at high risk of diabetes last year in February. Still, I know how much I’ve cut back on sugar, so I wasn’t too concerned, and how much I’ve increased my exercise.

I cycle 50 to 150 k a week in the spring and summer months and 35 to 50 k in winter. Cycling is said to improve the immune system. And it’s a great sport to take up in later life because it is possible to improve by tiny increments, at first merely seconds better will acquire the accolade of a virtual trophy from Strava. I love anything that inspires or encourages, don’t you?

My partner and I play tennis once or twice a week and the past twelve months prior to February 2020, before we locked down, we were playing tennis every single week for 12 solid months. That’s how great the weather has been. I was lucky to have found a part-time role as a key holder in a local shop for a year, and decided to leave teaching support for a reliable regular salary with the benefit of an hour on the court at 3 pm after my shift, instead of an hour driving.

The dry weather isn’t good for the plants though, and last year the daisies really suffered. This year part of my fitness regime has involved watering the daisies early with a 5 litre can. My back hander has improved with this improvised weight training.

I’ve been meaning to share my sports regime with you, but I was blogging at 5/6 am before work these past 3 years, and it’s only since I resigned from my Sunday management role in February that I’ve been able to work on the administration of my blog and devote more time to networking and reading other blogs.

It’s been wonderful these past months in GB because creativity has really take off noticeably and there are some great, and witty blogs our there. I’m really missing my sister, who has kidney trouble, as she is the witty taurus with Gemini in her sign, rather like my daughter who is 30 this year and who had a “Lockdown” birthday aswell. My sister Oriana never fails to make me laugh. Take a look at the people I follow at the bottom of my blog when you have time. Some are witty and others just interesting writers.

I think I had Covid-19 in March, as I had all the symptoms and then heart and lung pain for over a month afterwards, with a slight relapse at some point where I remember lying by the patio doors in the sun all day after a 30 k bike ride the day before. My son, who is an epidemiologist, warned me about this, so if you feel unwell take care, rest and drink lots of water. And if you don’t yet have a regular exercise regime there is still time.

Stay safe.

All my love,


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Currently, whist working on long fiction, I write short stories, poetry, essays and blog weekly. I appeared on Blog Talk Radio, 2016, interview across continents with Susan Wingate. See my twitter account: herziloph, pinned tweet; Award nominee, Jointly-published and Indie writer. Nominated for the Avon and Authonomy First Lines prize, 2014 and the H. G. Wells Grand Prize for Fiction, 2013. My flash fiction is published with Open: Journal of Arts and Letters.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. So, far since COVID started me and my family hasn’t been sick. The threat and fear is real. Glad to know and your family are safe. Diabetes is a risk factor thus co-workers who have it are vigilant and super cautious . We do however need to continue to live life and make the most of our new normal. Take care and stay safe.

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