David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, The Film based on the book; released in 2020.

As a child, I loved David Copperfield. I had forgotten what a good story it was, until January of 2020 when I went to the cinema and watched the film. The film is based on the story and is very contemporary, with regard to the problems with finding decent rented accommodation, particularly in Britain.

Dickens was an autobiographical writer, and this work appears to be drawn from the idea of Dickens as a young writer and eccentric child. He did work in a factory and his father was sent to a debtor’s prison, so it is likely that much of his work was based on his experiences while growing up.

This was one of those rare occasions when the film was as good as the book. Although I must go back and re-read David Copperfield, since I must own up to have forgotten it entirely.

The story is a rags to riches and rags to riches again theme, and follows the child Copperfield, who works in a factory, but is a gifted writer, through to adulthood where his fortunes change and he is in the position to help the man who was once benevolent to him.

I won’t give anything away.

The acting is believable and the events are sometimes not unlike the predicament that many people find themselves in nowadays in this world of unreliable rented accommodation (not surprisingly Dickens has been called a social critic), but you come away feeling hopeful that there is some justice in the world and that good things do happen.

A richly colourful film, with likeable characters.


The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019), is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Armando Iannucci and is based on the 1850 Victorian-era novel David Copperfield.

A good review on the film:


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