Black and mixed raced people.

Lately, there has been a great deal of debate on black and white binary perceptions, in all media.

As the manager of a grade 4 concession for British Shoe Corporation, I interviewed for a supervisor in 1984/5 and recruited my first “black” member of staff. I was just nineteen years old. However, I believe that one’s blackness or whiteness, rather like one’s sex, is something invisible.

I don’t like binary terms. I never have. I recruited this member of staff as a person. She was right for the job. She never let me down. As a supervisor, she ran the concession on my day off. Her name was Juliette Foulger.

Here we are dancing together when we sadly had to close the concession down as the store, Army & Navy Kingston upon Thames closed down during the 1980s recession. I advised her to apply for a similar role, as I couldn’t take her with me to the grade 10 High Street store, Lilley and Skinner, around the corner where I was offered my next role. I hope she is doing well. Although the matter of what colour we both felt on the inside is something personal to us.

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