Teadrinkinggrey-haired gardener ?

In the news this morning, to assuage the view of an out-of-work grey haired fifty something, a guy posted a video of himself doing a workout and was offered multiple jobs.

However, the words used to describe the stereotype offended me. I am many things. A mother of five, an MA student in my second year, a gardener; I run a gardening business, an editor; I voluntarily edit for a journal daily. I am also a #teadrinkinggrey-hairedgardener as the #Radio4 news reader’s stereotype went. Are you? I know I am. But what does this stereotype look like?

Cheesed off with stereotypes.

For the past three years I’ve cycled 4000 kilometres a year. I’ve written a play, a novel, six short stories and carried on with the work of being a mum. I’ve assisted in Special Needs schools, and helped run three businessess. This year I started my own gardening business. I also run 4 blogs, and produce voice for a YouTube channel as Hermione Wilds:


I’m just an ordinary fifty something.

I too am looking for part time work. Please reply to this blog if you like what you see and hear.

Thank you,


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