Hearing, seeing, understanding and empathy.

Dear readers, I’ve been thinking lately about age. For a few years now my hearing has been changing. I can trace the biggest alteration back to when I became an audio typist for a hospital for a year and a half, and wore headphones in my ears 5 days a week for 6-7 hours aContinue reading “Hearing, seeing, understanding and empathy.”

Cycling Around to Lift your Spirits & help others…

A couple of years ago, I started cycling again. I’ve cycled for years, ever since a friend gave me her old bike because she was moving to Kent and didn’t want to take it with her. I gave the bike a name, Trusty Steed. My friend’s name was Mercy, and we found oneanother again onContinue reading “Cycling Around to Lift your Spirits & help others…”

My Diabetes Avoidance Blog

Hello again dear readers, I had forgotten to mention that in addition to giving up chocolate, I have given up most yogurt. Quite a few yogurts too have ridiculously high levels of sugar. I have written about low sugar, Greek yogurt somewhere. I was ranting about Tesco a few months back and they began sellingContinue reading “My Diabetes Avoidance Blog”

My diabetes avoidance blog, continued.

Sorry I’ve been less productive than usual with my blog and poems. I started my MA this week, and, as we’ve all come to expect, there were some teething problems with the IT communicating with humans. Still, this is a universal problem. I’m qualified to say so as I’ve worked, unusually my life coach onceContinue reading “My diabetes avoidance blog, continued.”

My diabetes Avoidance Blog – Sugar, Sugar; plastic, plastic, and money, money, money?

Hello dear readers, I’ve been noticing recently how making small changes as individuals can have a big impact on the world. I’ve been very vocal, lately, about plastic in my local town. Since going into businesses and asking for plastic free products, I’ve observed more and more people doing the same. Now this could beContinue reading “My diabetes Avoidance Blog – Sugar, Sugar; plastic, plastic, and money, money, money?”

My Diabetes Avoidance Blog; coffee, books, cycling, figs and bananas.

Hello dear readers, To borrow a phrase from another writer called Charlotte. I’ve been away in Mallorca, cycling and walking, which explains my lack of writing. Sometimes I take the pen and paper with me. This time, I was set on cycling up a mountain, and finishing The Fault in our Stars which I hadContinue reading “My Diabetes Avoidance Blog; coffee, books, cycling, figs and bananas.”

My Diabetes Avoidance Blog

Dear readers, As a reader, I was told that I had a thousand followers, which made me feel responsible for creating something for you all. I am a little tired this morning, as I have cycled around 200 k on a cycling holiday in Mallorca, a wonderful place where the people are kind and friendly;Continue reading “My Diabetes Avoidance Blog”


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