Hearing, seeing, understanding and empathy.

Dear readers, I’ve been thinking lately about age. For a few years now my hearing has been changing. I can trace the biggest alteration back to when I became an audio typist for a hospital for a year and a half, and wore headphones in my ears 5 days a week for 6-7 hours aContinue reading “Hearing, seeing, understanding and empathy.”

Cycling Around to Lift your Spirits & help others…

A couple of years ago, I started cycling again. I’ve cycled for years, ever since a friend gave me her old bike because she was moving to Kent and didn’t want to take it with her. I gave the bike a name, Trusty Steed. My friend’s name was Mercy, and we found oneanother again onContinue reading “Cycling Around to Lift your Spirits & help others…”

My Diabetes Avoidance Blog

Hello again dear readers, I had forgotten to mention that in addition to giving up chocolate, I have given up most yogurt. Quite a few yogurts too have ridiculously high levels of sugar. I have written about low sugar, Greek yogurt somewhere. I was ranting about Tesco a few months back and they began sellingContinue reading “My Diabetes Avoidance Blog”

My diabetes avoidance blog, continued.

Sorry I’ve been less productive than usual with my blog and poems. I started my MA this week, and, as we’ve all come to expect, there were some teething problems with the IT communicating with humans. Still, this is a universal problem. I’m qualified to say so as I’ve worked, unusually my life coach onceContinue reading “My diabetes avoidance blog, continued.”

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