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Goodreads reviews for Bertha’s Journal

https://www.goodreads.com/api/reviews_widget_iframe?did=DEVELOPER_ID&format=html&header_text=Goodreads+reviews+for+Bertha%27s+Journal&isbn=9781610255&links=660&review_back=fff&stars=000&text=000 Reviews from Goodreads.com

Hermione Laake, also writing as Wilds

Hello dear readers, writers, artists and bloggers, I hope you enjoy my content and feel the desire to engage with me. After all engagement is what feeds the intellect.

 Hermione Laake is an award-nominated children’s writer, published emerging author, and associate of the Society of Authors. In 2012 she published her debut sequel to Jane Eyre, a novella cum short story, Betha’s Journal: A Perfect Immleman [n] sic Turn under her pen name, Hermione Wilds. Recently Laake has focused on writing short stories, four of which have been accepted for publication; ‘Consumption’ was published with O:JA&L in 2020. Laake raised five children, assisted as teaching support in schools and colleges, reads for her Creative Writing MA at Kingston School of Art, London, is Associate Editorial Intern, Contributing Editor & Youtube Communications Manager for O:JA&L., and is a Londoner and keen cyclist living in Bristol with her partner.

You can find Laake/Wilds’ work on Amazon and with Barnes and Noble.

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I am an English graduate with a BA (HONS) in English and I am currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing with Kingston School of Art, London.



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