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Price was the most important thing cited by almost all shoppers in Bristol when asked on The Food Programme by Sheila Dillon what most affected choice when food shopping.

I’m glad I am not alone in buying cheap food, as I’ve felt guilty neglecting my health.

Something strange that happened as a result of this new diet of mine is that I attempted to eat a packet of ready salted crisps and after one bite found I could not eat them; they tasted ridiculously salty.

I few days earlier, I had attempted to eat some balsamic vinegar on an avocado which I love and have reintroduced back into my diet but instantly spat it out; it made me retch. Surprised, I looked at the ingredients and found many additives. We had recently changed our vinegar due to a lack of it on the shelves and the price of this one. I didn’t look at the ingredients, and my partner chose this product. I was surprised to find rice vinegar, sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, salt, grape extract, colour and caramel in this product. Today we found a new one with wine vinegar and concentrated grape must; if we can believe this. I haven’t yet tasted this for a reaction.

I rang my son who has several letters after his name and a PhD and is currently studying medicine and he tells me that from my blood sugar at fasting I am in the low end of the at risk from diabetes scale. He asked me what percentage I thought high risk was; I said 60. He told me it was 25%. Still, I’m grateful to my GP and glad I’ve kicked my two snickers a day habit. I’m mostly eating oatcakes with mild cheddar, and I’m back on my apple a day habit. My son was concerned that I didn’t reduce my calorific intake too much, as he’s aware I cycle around 300 k a month and this may put me at risk of osteoarthritis or did he say osteoporosis? We both use the Strava app for cycling; it’s a great motivator. (Also he told me I should eat peas due to my low iron), I love peas so that won’t be difficult.

I finally rang my  GP back. I’d received 3  reminder letters to call back.  My GP asked me to arrange another blood test.

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