What we read as children

We read the Bible It was the centre of our universe God was “jealous” Jesus was kind He upturned a table once, to show controlled anger… He was the son of God The way Greta is the daughter of the Eurovision song contest I’m sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable Music has saved  meContinue reading “What we read as children”

Warning, sensitive material, here – London life today – Tweet from Cutter Streeby (@CutterStreeby)

Cutter Streeby (@CutterStreeby) Tweeted: Performance Poetry: Luke Further’s “Avocado Blues” Luke Further Avocado Blues A poem  what’s death doing here on a middle-class sunny afternoon street? outside my favourite vegan patisserie another dead teenager lies in mute https://t.co/p5LA4Jd6f0 https://t.co/nQx85mmxeS https://twitter.com/CutterStreeby/status/1179160839791636480?s=17

NOTES on three stages of a Story, 3 favourite books and a song

I’ve chosen: Little Red Riding Hood: Grimm’s (not attributed to a specific author, but plot line copied by authors such as Charles Morgan, Bronte…). Because there are so many interpretations and intertextual references to this work in literature and literary criticism. Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte, because this work tackles the silenced aspect of the feminineContinue reading “NOTES on three stages of a Story, 3 favourite books and a song”

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